War On The Streets Of America: Protesters Attack Police Officers In Major Cities All Over The Nation


Police in riot gear

Michael Snyder – July 10th, 2016

This is what a nation looks like when it starts melting down from within. A series of very disturbing incidents of police brutality against young black males has caused a firestorm to erupt all across the country. You would have thought that the the massacre of police in Dallas would have caused everyone to step back and reflect on what is really causing this cycle of violence, but instead the nationwide protests have gotten even bigger and more intense. Over the weekend, protesters attacked police with rocks, bricks, bottles, fireworks, chunks of concrete, Molotov cocktails and rebar from a construction site. In return, police fired pepper spray, smoke bombs and tear gas at protesters. As I write this, more than 200 protesters have been arrested over the weekend so far, and authorities are bracing for what the coming night will bring.


Commnt: John Durrad – http://setapartbytruth.org

A White Police Office arresting a black suspect is always going to be open to controversy at best.  But when violence is added to the situation by the arresting officer you will hear the cry of “police brutality.” Without going into the rights and wrongs of this incident, how can any normal person condone the killing of five police officers and the resulting violence and riots that has erupted across the country?

The thing to understand is that two wrongs do not make a right and that violence breeds yet more violence.

“The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.” Gen 6:11-12

It has always been this way because man is unable to live at peace with one another because of broken law and a lawless heart.  Rather than it getting better in our “enlightened” age it is getting progressively worse.

“Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence. “Ezek 7:23

Like the continuous links of a chain, there is so much crime that one act would follow another just like the links of a chain.