Abortion Clinic Workers Admit Babies Who Survive Abortions are Killed Outside the Womb


newborn child

Emily Derois – Jun 14, 2016

The ethical question regarding abortion survivors has troubled even some abortion advocates.

In the Stanford Law & Policy Review, several abortionists revealed the shocking way that they handled late-term abortions. While performing late-term abortions during the 1990s, they resorted to extreme measures to confirm that the baby was killed while still in the womb, Sarah Terzo with Live Action News reported.

“We use urea to be certain that we effect fetal death. It is unsettling to all personnel to deliver these fetuses when they are not stillborn,” the abortionists wrote.

Their remark about the “unsettling” experience of seeing an aborted baby born alive raises the question of how frequently infants survive abortions.