Abortion Business CEO Justifies Abortion: “It Kills a Being With No Sense of Life or Death”


Ann Furedi The leader of England’s largest abortion chain

Micaiah Bilger –  Jun 20, 2016

The leader of England’s largest abortion chain is in the public spotlight this week after making some outrageous statements that compare abortion to birth control and marriage.

Ann Furedi is the CEO of British Pregnancy Advisory Services, which does more than one in three abortions in England and Wales and receives about £27million (est. $40 million) tax dollars each year, according to The Daily Mail.

In her soon-to-be-released book, “The Moral Case for Abortion,” Furedi argues that getting an abortion should be as easy as getting condoms. She says abortion is a “safe, effective means of birth control” that should not be restricted in any way.