My Dearest Enemy: Beijing Confirms Sending Ships to Global RIMPAC War Games

Red Horse


Sputnik News – June 4, 2016

Despite growing tensions between China and United States and its allies over the “militarization” of the South China Sea, China’s navy confirmed late Thursday that it will take part in RIMPAC, one of the world’s largest military exercises.

China will send five ships to join the Pacific Rim military exercises, that began on June 1 and will last until August 1, near the Hawaiian Islands.

According to official reports, 45 ships, five submarines and 200 aircraft from 27 nations, with 25,000 military personnel, will take part in the event, staging fire, anti-piracy, search and rescue, and, notably, Aegis missile-interception drills. Three Aegis-equipped fleets, from the US, Japan and South Korea, will practice intelligence coordination amid growing concerns of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.