Frantic volcanic activity seen across much of the globe

A rider with scales sits upon a black horse. This depiction is represenative of a scarcity of food and famine.


Extinction Prorocol –

June 2016 – GEOLOGY – Several volcanoes around the world were very active last week spewing enormous amounts of ash and gas into the atmosphere and forcing thousands of people to leave their homes. But it´s not all just about volcanic activity, there has also been quite a bit of earthquake activity along some the volcano impacted areas, especially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

During the last 10 days close to 40 volcanoes worldwide have been showing signs of activity and great deal of them, 34, are located along the very active Ring Fire. Considering that in the 20th century the average number of volcanic eruptions was 35 per year, what we are seeing just this week is above last century´s average for an entire year.